Art Department for Hollywood Movie

This is a very first time for me to involve with movie production. Thankfully I joint with Hollywood movie production as a graphic designer under the art department. Actually I have a lot of design for this job but I can’t share them right now until the movie is release in 2014

Some of my works are hardly shared because of regulation. Hopefully I can share it later when the film has been released 🙂


2 comments on “Art Department for Hollywood Movie”

  1. Wih, keren pak Motulz. Saya kemarin liat profil Anda di video Ulang tahun Akber. Ngomong-ngomong gabung di produksi film apa pak ?

    1. motulz says:

      wah makasih 😀 sekarang lagi gak gabung di produksi mana2 🙂

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